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Why Career Counselling is Important: A Complete Guide

Updated: Feb 27

Why Career Counselling is Important? A common misconception is that individuals can decide their careers based on their scorecards, family expectations or peer pressure. In today’s times, for making informed career decisions, career counselling is important

Why Career Counselling is Important

This article will take you through the benefits and importance of career counselling. Read more to know how Career Counselling can be helpful for individuals in current times.

Top 8 Benefits & Importance of Career Counselling

Having confusion related to career choices is quite normal. But, making the right career choice, that best fits your interests, personality and aptitude is vital. Career counselling sessions help you explore your careers based on interest, personality, and capabilities.

Whether you are a student or a working professional, Career Counselling can help you align your interests with your career goals. Professional Counsellors guide you in exploring careers along with providing overall guidance and handholding to follow your dream career path.

Here’s the list of the top 8 benefits & importance of career counselling. Get to know, how counsellors the advantages through this article.

Determine Your Abilities & Interests

Career Counselling involves the application of psychometric assessments. It evaluates your interests, aptitude, and personality. There are different types of career assessments that counsellors use. Career Coaches use career assessment tools to determine your personal aspects like strengths, skill gaps, interests, aptitude and emotional quotient. Instead of choosing a career due to peer pressure or family expectations, it allows you to gauge your personal aspects. Based on these aspects and guidance, you get to make mindful career decisions.

Identifying Career Options

Based on your personality, orientation style, inclination, and aptitude, the assessment provides you with career options. The career counsellor guides you through the results obtained in the career assessment. You get to explore the range of career options, that suit your personality factors. Through proper personalised guidance, you gain clarity about your career choices. Finally, you get to make an informed decision through career assessment and personalized guidance.

Anagat’s career counselling allows students to explore 150+ career options and make the right choice. It also provides counselling to working professionals, who look forward to starting out or want to change careers. Each field has a number of possibilities, that individuals often miss out on. Anagat’s career counsellors help you explore these possibilities, provide counselling, and connect you with industry professionals to bring clarity to your career choice.

Broadening Outlook

Career counselling helps you choose from a wide variety of career options based on the result of the assessment. For example: After completing 12th grade from a Science stream, there are options other than Engineering that one may pursue. Or, within Engineering also several other branches that a student may not know of.

The Career experts help you gain a broad perspective on career options and a clear understanding. They guide you through the options that suit your personality, after the scientific psychometric assessment. They also help you set goals according to your capabilities and interests.

Develop Skills

After you choose the career path, the Career Counsellor guides you on how to pursue the career, according to your capabilities. The Counselling Expert helps you chart out skills and resources and a practical plan to move in the right direction.

The expert helps you identify the skills that you need to develop, the improvement areas, you need to work on, to achieve and aid you in pursuing your career in a smoother way.

Setting Goals

After you identify your interests, aptitude, strengths and skill gaps, the career counsellor enables you to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART) goals according to your abilities. It allows you to prioritize the skills required to achieve your goals.

With the clarity of what to pursue ahead in your career, you get the chance to map out how to proceed further to attain your goals.

Develop Right Strategies

Career counselling sessions help individuals plan the way forward in achieving their goals. Career Coaches during the counselling session guide you in developing the strategies that will take you forward in achieving your goals.

For example: Time management, planning for the upcoming competitive exams, managing stress, job search strategies for professionals etc. Career Coaches help you inculcate confidence, advise you to develop the right skills and shape your career in a better way.

Manage Stress

When you take up career assessments and make the right career choice, you are already free of confusion. So, there is no stress and dilemma that you need to take related to career choices.

Counselling sessions after the assessments help you figure out how to manage your time and efforts according to your personality and capabilities. Challenges will always be there in any field you choose. But a balanced way to manage stress, pursuing well-defined goals, and personalised guidance, is what can help you manage stress, and focus on your career goals in a better way.

Handholding & Support

From career guidance to handholding after selecting the right career path, Career counsellors help individuals shape their career dreams into reality. They help you maximise your potential, develop new skills to enhance your career and achieve clarity and focus.

Anagat’s internationally certified Career Counselling Experts provide year-round handholding, support and personalised guidance to students and professionals. The academic counsellors help them shape their careers in the best possible way.

Why Career Counselling is Important

When does a student need Career Counselling?

Students quite often end up selecting streams due to peer pressure. Often, not of their choice. The same happens with students after 12th grade. They make a misinformed decision due to confusion, parental expectations or due to lack of knowledge about career options.

For a student who is in a confused state of mind about the stream or career choice, career guidance sessions can be helpful. Stream assessments and career assessments can help students to make an informed choice.

Career counselling sessions will aid the student in decision making, making them aware of their strengths and weaknesses, boosting their confidence, planning and managing their study routine; and working towards their career goals.

How does career counseling work?

Career counselling is a multidimensional process that allows individuals to explore their own strengths, and skill gaps; explore career options and make mindful career choices. There are scientific assessment tools that help them figure out the best-suited career options. The counselling experts then guide them in working their way through the career choices they make.

Whether you are a student who is in dilemma about stream or career choices, or a job seeker career counselling can help you identify your career path. The interactive sessions with the counsellor will help you become self-aware of your capabilities, interests and passion. The sessions encourage you to align yourself with your career goals.

Anagat’s 5-dimensional career assessment tool assesses personality, interests, emotional quotient, aptitude and orientation style. Based on these, it allows you to choose the best-fit career.

FAQ about Career Counselling

What do career counsellors do?

Career Counsellors play an important role in shaping the careers of students and professionals. Career Counselling Experts help them realise their strengths, and areas of improvement through scientific assessments, activities, and one-on-one interactive sessions. The ultimate goal of the Career Counsellor is to provide career seekers with proper guidance and enable them to build a career of their choice. You can call at 9825799756 or mail at to book a free consultation with Anagat’s Career Coaches and take your first step towards your career goals!

What are the benefits of talking to a career counselor?

The benefit of talking to a career counselor is that you will gain a better understanding of career options that best fit your interests and ambitions. You will also gain a broader perspective on a wide range of career options and information on the current job market scenario. Based on the scientific assessment tools, and their report, the Career Coaches interact with you, and orient you to pursue your career goals in the best way. You can book a free consultation with Anagat’s Internationally Certified Career Counselors for personalized guidance for your career aspirations. Connect with us at 9825799756 or mail us at

What are the steps of career counselling?

Career counselling broadly involves 4 stages. Assessment, Exploration, Goal Setting & Implementation. In the first stage, you need to take a psychometric assessment based on your personality, interests, aptitude, etc., and answer the prompts. The psychometric assessment tool then generates a comprehensive report. Based on your report, the career counselor enables you to explore various career options and make an informed career choice, which is the second stage. Then comes the third stage, which is goal setting where the Counsellor based on your capabilities helps you develop strategies and set goals. The counsellor then helps you implement those tactics, strategies and plans in order to achieve your career goals.

Is Career Counselling expensive?

Career counselling provides individuals with detailed information about them and their best-suited careers. The session involves different stages viz. Assessment, Exploration, Goal Setting & Planning and Implementation. The experts are trained to conduct assessments and provide professional career counselling. These counsellors are certified to conduct career guidance for career seekers. The counselling fee in India ranges from ₹1500 to ₹5000.

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