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About Us

Anagat was established with a vision to provide proper career guidance to students & working professionals. Our aim is to enable them through a streamlined process, so they make informed career decisions. Anagat is a platform for them to discover their dream career & embark upon it to create success stories.

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Anagat aligns Students & Working Professionals to explore various Career Options through online Psychometric Assessments & Career Counseling Sessions.

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According to a Worldwide Happiness Survey, 43% of workers consider a meaningful job as the greatest source of satisfaction. -Ipsos, 2020.

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We believe that career satisfaction is important, as Students spend more than 60% of their adult lives working.

Meet Our Experts

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Rashmi Kulkarni is an internationally certified Career Coach & Founder of Anagat. Students value her approach in orienting them to their career goals & guiding them in making informed career choices. 

Through her profound knowledge of the latest industry trends, expertise in analysing assessments & personalised counselling she has successfully counselled many students across India. She has hands-on experience as a Behavioural Skill Expert and Psychometric Administrator.

Rashmi has over 25+ years of experience in more than 50 industries including manufacturing, Service & IT. She has been training professionals from these industries in several behavioural skills.


She also leads the  Learning & Development vertical at Transcend Biz Mentors Pvt. Ltd.


Dilip Pandya, Director of Anagat has 33 years of multifunctional experience. He has risen to the top in Sales & Marketing, Customer Service & HR, culminating in heading Operations in brands like Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Tata Docomo, Hitachi, You Broadband, Onida, Sharp, Grundig, Softel.


He enables Professionals to discover career opportunities through Career assessment & Career Counselling.

He is a certified CEO & Executive Coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, Global Coach Group; Global Leader of the Future; Global Leadership Assessment 360. He is also empanelled on the Board of Mentors with Viridian Accelerator Centre – A British Multinational Start-up Incubator.

For more than a decade he has been enabling many MSMEs and their leaders with his effective Mentorship, Consulting, and Coaching. He has a 100% track record in delivering objectives.

Our Approach

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Make an informed career choice through Anagat

Anagat offers end-to-end offline and online career growth advice to students & professionals in India. With the advancement in every field, new career opportunities have opened up.

Peer pressure and the influence of friends and family have either positive or negative impacts on how students think. When the impact is negative, students see their careers as a burden. They do not feel like pursuing it with excitement. Gradually, the interest dies, and career growth comes to a halt. The same is the case with professionals.

We, at Anagat, have experts with first-hand industry experience. We help them explore the career options that cater to their interests, aspirations, and aptitude. Our experts align them to their career goals in a meticulous manner.

​Usually, it is seen that students who can apply themselves academically are perceived to be the ones who would be successful in their careers and ultimately in their lives. But when we look around ourselves, we will see plenty of success stories of individuals who were among the underperformers in academics.

We bring to you a unique solution for both students and professionals who may be considered average in academics or professional roles but are unaware of their strengths. What is needed is to dig deeper and bring them face-to-face with their strengths.

We are here to help, support and guide them by way of exploring and counselling till the time they find their rhythm. We make sure that they enjoyably pursue their careers.

Connect with the Councellor

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Frequently Asked Quesions

The Career Counsellors at Anagat provide online career counselling too?

Yes. We do. Career counsellors at Anagat provide online counselling. We are open for online counselling in India on all 6 working days. We also provide offline career counselling in Vadodara.

When can I connect with the career counsellors for online career counselling?

You can connect with the counselors from Monday to Saturday, from 10 am-6 pm. 

Why should I opt for career guidance?

Career counsellors help you clear the confusions you may have regarding your career choice. They let you take career assessments to understand your aptitude and interests. The detailed analysis of the report & their personalised guidance will help you roadmap your best-fit career path.

I feel stuck at my current job, can a career counsellor help me?

Yes, at Anagat we also provide professional career counseling. Talking to a Professional Career Counsellor can help you envision better career options.

How can I get in contact with Anagat’s career counsellor online?

You can get in touch with our Career Counselling Experts by writing us at Or you can call on 9998007223 to book an appointment.

Why Anagat’s online career counselling services are the best?

Anagat’s career counsellors have counselled many students and working professionals across India. Our counsellors have expertise in varied industries, they understand industry trends. With help of these, online psychometric career assessments & personalised counselling techniques they enable students & professionals to make the right career choices.

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