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Career Counselling & Stream Selection After 10th & 12th

Career counselling in Vadodara

Select & Pursue The Career That Would Bring Out The Best In You

Career counselling in Vadodara
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Stream selection for Class 11 may seem confusing. Anagat’s Career Counselling & Assessment can help students gain clarity on stream selection & future career aspects.

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We guide students in stream selection after 10th & career selection after 12th. Our 5 dimensional scientific career assessment & personalised guidance helps the students to determine their best-fit career path.

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The experts at Anagat guide the students in setting career goals. Counsellors walk them through all the suitable career options. They help the students in creating personalised improvement plans through the interactive counselling sessions.

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Discover your dream career & plan ahead to turn your efforts into success

How Anagat Helps You to Make Career Choices After 10th and 12th?

5 Dimensional Career Assessment of the student based on  58 parameters

Career Selection Support

Full 1 year of subscription to Extensive Career Library

32 pages of Comprehensive Report (Request Our Sample Report)

One-on-One Counselling sessions (Online & Offline)

Access to Personalized Dashboard

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Career counselling in Vadodara

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to take up the Career Assessment?

Career Assessment helps the student to comprehensively understand the direction to be taken.  It provides understanding of the chosen career path. The assessment is based on orientation style, interest, personality, aptitude and emotional quotient in the form of questions. The results obtained show the top 5 career options that a student can pick from.

How many sessions does a Career Assessment take?

Career Assessment is taken in a single session. The time duration of the assessment is 2.5 hours.

How to prepare for the right course & which institute I should pick after 12th?

The 5 dimensional Career Assessment & Anagat’s personalised Career Counselling sessions will help you understand your future career options in a much better way. 

Can I get in touch with the Career Counselling Experts online?

Yes. Anagat’s Career Counselling Experts conduct online career counseling sessions all across India.

Is pursuing Arts a better stream selection after 10th for me?

You can if your interest aligns with the Arts stream. In order to gain more clarity on stream selection you can connect with our Counselling Expert to know which stream would suit your interest after 10th/11th.

Do you provide Career Counselling in Vadodara?

Yes. Anagat provides the best Career Counselling in Vadodara. We also do online career counseling for students outside Baroda and all across India.

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