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Stream Selection & Personalized Counselling - Class 8th-9th 

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Pick The Stream & Subject Combination That’s Ideal For You

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Arts, Commerce or Science? Get clarity on which stream to select, which subject combinations to opt. 

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Get to know the stream & subject combinations through our 4 step Comprehensive Stream Assessment & Career Counselling Experts. 

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Our personalised guidance helps you build a strong career foundation!

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Make the right and informed choice!

How Anagat Helps In Making The Right Career Choice?

Scientific Stream Assessment of the student based on 50 parameters

Full 1 year of subscription to Extensive Career Library

Stream Selection Support

21 pages of Comprehensive Report (Request Our Sample Report)

Access to Personalized Dashboard

Personalised Counselling (Online & Offline)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Stream Assessment important?

Through Stream Assessment a student gets clarity on his/her inclination for the stream. It also helps the student in making subject selection. The stream assessment is based on an individual’s inclination towards a particular set of subjects. Hence, the combination of subjects is then derived.

What is the importance of stream selection in the 8th or 9th grade?

The experts guide the students & give direction to the thought process.

How much time does the stream assessment take? Is it done in multiple sessions?

Stream assessment takes 1.5 hours to complete. Stream assessment is done at a stretch in a single session.

I don’t live in Vadodara, can I take the stream assessment online?

Both stream assessment and career assessment are done online only. The online  assessment analyses an individual based on orientation style, interest, personality & aptitude. Based on these, it provides stream recommendations. It is relatively superior to the pen & paper test.

Can I get online counseling with the Career Counselling Experts, even if I am not from Vadodara?

Yes. We also have an option for online career counselling. Our students can get access to our Career Counselling in Vadodara and also online.

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