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I am Confused About My Career After 10th: Unveiling the Right Direction

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

“I am confused about my career after 10th?”, “What to take up next after the 10th?”, “Which stream would be better for me?” are the common questions that students are seen struggling with. Often students end up taking decisions that are misinformed. Students also make decisions out of peer pressure.

I am Confused About My Career After 10th

If you are that student, who is confused about “what after 10th?”, then you have come to the right place. It is only natural to have such doubts. It is even overwhelming. But, what can you do about it is more important. Read right away to clear out the confusion about career options.

Let’s look into where such confusions stem from, what can be done about it, and factors to consider while choosing a stream after the 10th.

Why Am I Confused About My Career After 10th?

The confusion occurs because of multiple factors that can affect you, as a student. We try to adapt or inculcate things that go around us. Our habits, thoughts, preferences etc. have some kind of bias because of the surroundings we live in, or the interactions we encounter.

If you want to pursue ‘Science’ after 10th, ask yourself why you are taking up this stream. You will realise, where your thoughts about pursuing it are coming from. It can be either family expectations, self-expectations as a result of seeing someone pursue the same, realisation of the perks of this career option, or career choice because of the influence of friend circle or any other.

The common doubts that you might have is ‘If I choose this stream, will I be able to do better?’; ‘All my friends are taking this stream, should I not opt for the same?’ or ‘Shall I listen to my parents, and let them decide for me?’

Both parents and students need to understand that such confusion can disorient the student’s choices. With a confused mind, you may take up a decision in haste. When you take an informed stream and career decision, you will enjoy studying for the same.

When you make the right career decision, you are automatically oriented towards it. Challenges are going to be there in every kind of stream or career, but you will be able to work your way up because of your inclination towards the stream or career.

How Guidance from Experts can help?

Parents can take the help of Career Counselling experts to help their children make the right choice. Stream selection, stream or career assessment, and personalised counselling can enable you to make mindful career choices.

Nowadays, career counselling workshops and seminars are also conducted in schools to encourage students to make the right stream choice or career choice. Teachers consider Career Counselling as a great opportunity to enable students in making mindful career choices. Conducting workshops and seminars on career guidance can make students aware of choosing the right career path.

Choosing the Right Path after 10th

When you evaluate your career options, you get a better clarity about what stream choice to make after 10th or which career path to choose after 12th. According to a survey conducted by Mindler, there are 250+ career options available. But, 93% of the students choose their careers only from 7 or 8 career options.

What Are The Different Streams Available After 10th?

Choosing a particular stream after 10th depends on a student’s interest.

Stream assessments help students understand their inclination towards a particular stream. It helps students decide the stream appropriate for him or her.

After 10th, a student gets to choose from Science, Commerce or Arts stream. Anagat’s Stream assessment tool analyses the 4-dimensional aspects important in a student’s stream selection process. It analyses a student’s interests, personality, orientation style, and aptitude.

Choosing Science As A Stream After 10th

If you are interested in pursuing a career in engineering, pure science or medicine, then Science is an appropriate stream choice for you.

The science stream offers two kinds of options. One is PCM which includes (P)Physics, ( C ) Chemistry and Mathematics (M) and the other is PCB which has Physics, Chemistry and Biology (B) as the main subjects. If you are ambitious about both Biology and Mathematics, then you can opt for PCMB also.

When choosing Science as a stream, you need to attend laboratory classes as a part of your practicals in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

A student has to prepare for various competitive exams to get into Engineering or Medical field after 12th. Exams like State’s Common Entrance Test (CET), JEE (Joint Entrance Examinations) for applying to various colleges pan India and NEET (National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test) for getting admission to Medical colleges. You can also opt for a B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) to specialize in subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, etc. You may have entrance exams for B.Sc also, depending on the college you choose.

So, having an interest and devoting yourself to pursuing Science becomes very vital.


Choosing Commerce As A Stream After 10th

If numbers, finance, banking, economics, business or trade is what interests you then Commerce is what you should opt for after 10th.

Students with an aim to be a C.A., entrepreneur, pursue Banking or Finance can do well by choosing Commerce as their stream.

The main subjects taught in Commerce stream are Accountancy and Auditing, Economics, Statistics, and Business Organisation.

The competitive exams that students can prepare for depending on their interest after opting for Commerce are:

  1. Bank Exams like- SBI PO, IBPS PO, SBI Clerk, NABARD, SBI SO, ICICI PO, RBI (Grade 1, Grade 2), etc.

  2. Exams for C.A, C.S, ICWA

  3. Exams for getting into various colleges in India like- DU JAT (Delhi University Joint Admission Test), Xavier’s Entrance Test, NPAT (National Test For Programs After Twelfth), IPMAT (Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude Test), etc.


Choosing Humanities or Arts As A Stream After 10th

If literature, history, geography, political science, languages, anthropology, etc. are the subjects you are interested in, Humanities or better known as Arts is the right stream for you.

In Humanities, you get to explore options like linguistics, psychology, mass media, journalism, etc. after your 12th. If you are aiming to clear the UPSC examinations, choosing Humanities will be a great option. As you get to study related subjects right after your 10th.

You can do B.A., BBA, Home Science, Language course, or any discipline from an Arts background that interests you the most. You may need to clear competitive exams at the All India Level or for a particular college for pursuing a particular course.

For example: To get accepted in any college in India for a bachelor's programme, there is a standardized All India level test designed. For B.A. in psychology, political science, journalism, mass communication, or linguistics; you need to clear CUET (Common University Entrance Test) exam.

Every college does not have an entrance exam. But you can prepare for All India level exams like CUET or college entrance exams when you are determined to pursue the course in the desired college.


After 10th Which Field is Best for Girls?

Name any field today, and girls are no less in pursuing it. Be it Mining, Civil, Aeronautical Engineering, CA, Aerospace, Aviation, Entrepreneur, Space Scientist, Graphic Designing or Foreign Diplomat.

Today more than 20% girl students study in Top Universities like IITs and IIMs. In 2023, Girls outperformed in CBSE results compared to boys by 1.41 %

Girls are getting opportunities in any field they want to. It can be Science, Commerce Or Humanities. Girls can also pursue Diploma courses in Graphic Designing, Fine Arts, Nursing Care Assistant, Computer Science, Home Science, Culinary Arts, etc.

Which Stream Has More Scope in India?

Every stream has a wide variety of career options nowadays. In Science, Commerce or Arts, all streams have careers that can reap high-paying jobs.

In the Science stream Data Scientists, AI engineers, Blockchain developers, Full Stack Software developers, Dentists, Anesthesiologists, Radiation therapists, neurosurgeons, etc. have a good scope in India.

In the Commerce stream, startups are booming in this digital era. So being an entrepreneur, Marketing Manager, Management Consultant, Product Management, Bank PO, Business Analyst, and CA careers are booming.

Studying law to being a Corporate or Criminal Lawyer, Civil Lawyer, or Intellectual Property Lawyer, magistrate, Judge, pursuing Fashion Designing, Digital Marketing, Professional Counselling, Career Coaching, etc. also have a good scope to get high-paying jobs.

Steps To Take After Selecting A Career Path

After taking an informed career decision, you should start building on the skills required to pursue the career.

Here are the following steps you should take after selecting a career path:


When you select a stream after 10th, you start working towards the career you want to pursue. You will need to plan, implement and prepare for the required exams to appear after 12th. For example: Explore the entrance exams or competitive tests that you would like to appear in, work in a planned manner towards it, regulate your studying methods, etc.

At Anagat, our Internationally Certified Coaches enable students through personalized career guidance. The Coaches help students plan and manage their academic life, to get the desirable results.

Set Measurable & Realistic Goals

After taking an informed career decision, you become clear about which career to pursue. You need to set measurable and real-time goals and work towards achieving them. For example: If you choose to pursue the Arts stream and wish to become a counsellor, then you need to prepare for entrance exams like CUET (for applying to Colleges all over India). If you choose the field of medicine, then in order to pursue a career in the same you need to prepare for NEET.


You need to explore and hone the skills required for the career you wish to pursue. For example: If you want to pursue Engineering, you need to develop problem-solving skills. If you want to pursue your career in Aviation, you need to develop and hone your skills in decision-making, problem-solving, eye for detail, etc.


If you want to be 100% sure about what you want to do after 10th, you can take up Anagat’s stream assessment. When you take the stream assessment, it gives you choices of five careers to choose from. Anagat’s stream assessment tool allows the student to make informed career decisions based on personality, aptitude, interest, and orientation style. Stream assessments help you choose the right stream and orient yourself accordingly, for further preparations.

Along with that, we have internationally certified Career Coaches who can also provide you with personalized guidance and handholding throughout the academic year.

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